Moto Polo – Mayhem on Wheels (Mar, 1951)

Moto Polo – Mayhem on Wheels

Combine football, soccer and polo with a dash of Sunday driving and you’ve got the West Coast’s newest sport fad.

By Louis Hochman

“PLAY Ball!” yells the ump and six peculiar cars tear into each other trying to bounce a giant six-foot rubber ball into a goal. They collide, turn over, bounce high into the air, roll end over end, spin on their noses, land on top of other cars, fall to the ground and then get right back into the game and start all over again!

It’s mayhem on wheels—polo played with cars. Dreamed up in a feverish moment by the Goodman brothers, B. J. and Bill, of Bakersfield, Calif., Moto Polo cars cost $2,500 each to build and are basically ’35 and ’36 stock Ford chassis powered by 85-hp Ford V-8 engines. They’re fitted with welded, tubular steel frameworks.

Within the very near future, the Goodman brothers plan to build a whole string of cars and start Moto Polo games in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

So, whether you like it or not, it looks like mayhem on wheels really will be going to town.

  1. Nathan says: August 27, 20092:39 pm

    This looks like big fun to watch or to play. I think the local race tracks should bring this back.

  2. Rick Auricchio says: August 29, 200911:26 pm

    Driving in some cities is about the same as this game.

  3. David Brodbeck says: August 31, 20097:49 pm

    There are places that still do this, mostly demolition derby type events. Google “car soccer”.

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