Motor-Driven Car Carries Machine-Gun Crew in Action (Feb, 1938)

Motor-Driven Car Carries Machine-Gun Crew in Action

Low-slung and fitted with four diminutive wheels, a novel vehicle undergoing tests by U. S. Army officials is designed to serve as a mobile machine-gun carrier to enable gunners to fire continuously during an advance or retreat.

Manned by two soldiers, the curious machine is powered by a gasoline motor geared to the rear wheels. While one man operates the gun, the other controls the speed and direction of the vehicle by means of special pedals operated by his feet. At the same time, the steersman assists the gunner by feeding racks of cartridges into the gun.

  1. Hirudinea says: August 11, 201112:01 pm

    I’ed prefer a Bren Gun Carrier.

  2. C.H. says: August 11, 201111:12 pm

    Interesting how they seem to be wearing the same kind of uniforms from 1918….

  3. Scott B. says: August 12, 20115:42 am

    C.H. – You’re just about right. Here you go:


    The state of the U.S. Army in the 1930s was alarming. General George Marshall (an under-sung hero of American history, and poster boy the for the concept of “statesman”) was instrumental in getting the ball rolling on upgrading our forces for the war he knew was coming.

  4. Sean says: August 15, 20115:02 am

    While still pretty silly, at least it’s better than most of these minimalist machine gun carriers since it allows the operators to be something other than a standing target!

  5. K!P says: August 23, 20113:41 am

    wel if you ad a armor plate up front it was not a terible idea..sure not good against other armord targets but hard to hit for small arms.

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