Motorcycle Is Knee-High on Airplane Tail Wheels (Nov, 1938)

Motorcycle Is Knee-High on Airplane Tail Wheels
Only knee-high to a motor “cop,” a miniature motorcycle built in Los Angeles rolls along the highway at forty miles an hour on two airplane tail wheels. It stands twenty inches high and weighs only sixty-one pounds. Powered by a two and one-half horsepower outboard motor, this midget bike has made a hundred-mile round trip to the top of Mount Wilson, taking steep hills readily and traveling 150 miles on a gallon of gasoline. The frame was cut down from an old bicycle and reinforced. Throttle, spark and cut-out switch and brake lever are mounted on the handlebars. A friction generator for the lights operates off the rear wheel.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: June 3, 20089:33 am

    Of course, the obvious question is, “Why?”

  2. Gene says: June 3, 20085:05 pm

    How about running the article on the cover? The Submarine.

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