Motorized 3-Wheel Milk Bike (Mar, 1932)

Motorized 3-Wheel Milk Bike

THE milkman now has a new vehicle at his disposal, a motorized milk wagon built on a three-wheeled motorbike, as illustrated in the accompanying photo. Milk is carried on the truck body built over the rear wheels, while the driver rides in front, behind the protective windshield.

What makes the truck especially suitable for milk delivery work is its extreme economy of operation and its flexibility. For short routes, this bike truck is ideal.

  1. Hirudinea says: November 15, 20119:43 am

    The Grandaddy of the Tuk-Tuk?

  2. BrianC says: November 15, 201110:35 am

    Is that thing armor plated?

  3. Stephen says: November 16, 20115:20 am

    British milk deliveries eventually came by battery-powered flatbed “milk floats”. I remember them in my childhood. They were slow, but they didn’t mind endlessly starting and stopping, and the “engine” could be completely switched off while making a delivery.

  4. Toronto says: November 16, 20118:26 am

    Don’t let the sun blast your shadow
    Don’t let the milk float ride your mind
    – Rock’n’Roll Suicide, David Bowie.

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