Motorized Rocking Chair (Dec, 1955)

I love the fact that it has a gear shift.

Automatic Drive Catches Up with Rockin’ Chair

Feller retired t’other day and got himself a new kind of rockin’ chair. Rocks itself. Rocks him, too. Semms like when this feller, a machinist type, quit to take it easy, some other fellers he’d worked with said, “Well now! How about havin’ a chair that rocks automatic-like?” So they built it out of a one-cylinder gas engine and gears. Works, too. Noisy though. Feller’s name is Frank miller. Other fellers – them as built it- are Bull Nyman, Bob Connely, Joe Wright and Bill Jacobus. Chair rocks itself and Frank in Huntington Station, N.Y.

  1. […] Skulle du føle deg litt slapp etter Ã¥ ha forstørret puppene dine ved Ã¥ blÃ¥se i en ballong, eller pÃ¥dratt deg en skade fordi du ikke fulgte trafikklyset i gangen, kan du sette deg i din ensylindrede motoriserte gyngestol med speedometer og lytte til radioen, som selvfølgelig gÃ¥r pÃ¥ parafin. […]

  2. mike says: December 7, 20083:03 am

    One too many beers and Mr. Miller will lose his footing and be thrown into the next state!

  3. Chair Guy says: May 1, 201011:22 am

    With an unmuffled engine that close he would probably go deaf fairly quick as well.

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