Motorized Wheel Chairs Step Over Curbs and Climb Stairs (Jul, 1954)

Motorized Wheel Chairs Step Over Curbs and Climb Stairs

Two inventors—Ove Hauschild of Copenhagen, Denmark, and R. E. Church of Elkin, N. C.—have similar ideas about giving the wheel-chair patient more mobility. The Danish invention is an electric stair-climbing chair. Three small wheels connected by a vee belt rotate around each end of the axle. The chair will go up or down the steepest stairs, although an attendant is needed to steady the device. The
American vehicle is powered by a two-horsepower gasoline engine and enables the operator to ride over curbs, climb steep grades and negotiate twTo or three steps at a time—all without outside aid. On each side, a large wheel at the front is connected to a small rear wheel by a vee belt. In normal-travel position the vehicle rides on the two main wheels and a center tail wheel which turns for steering.

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  1. Anita says: February 18, 20095:08 pm

    I Bot can do it!
    However, it is now off the market. If you know of another chair that can climb stairs an can put you in the upright position, please let me know.

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