Motorized Window (Aug, 1935)

Motorized Window

• ADVERTISING cars are not new; but here at the left is possibly a new way of doing the trick.

  1. DouglasUrantia says: December 11, 20102:59 pm

    There is really something rather macabre and spooky about this method of advertising.

  2. Toronto says: December 11, 20106:37 pm

    There are trucks that drive around the streets of my fair city in rush hour, with large glass cases on the back. Inside, there are usually 4-8 manikins advertizing clothing. Other similar trucks just have large rotating signs on them.

    None of them are licensed to advertize like this in the city, as they’re blocking traffic and adding to pollution. Sadly, the company that owns the trucks is located in a suburb and has a “miffy” attitude about it all.

    I make a point of emailing the companies that use their services and saying I won’t patronize them as long as they continue to do so. (But I have no problem with ads on the side of trucks that are actually hauling goods.)

  3. Anne says: December 13, 20109:46 am

    Nothing says “high class” like a tailored suit in the back of a farm truck.

    At least, that’s the impression I get from that pic.

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