Movie Camera Is Also Projector (Mar, 1935)

Movie Camera Is Also Projector
FILMS may be projected as well as taken with a midget home movie camera marketed recently for amateur use. A tiny but powerful electric motor operated by four flashlight cells drives the film during exposure, and supplies power for the projector bulb. The film used is 9-1/2 mm. wide, but has a picture area about the same as that of 16 mm. film, since perforations are in the center between the frames. The camera has a fast f 2.5 lens, giving usually clear pictures.

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  1. jayessell says: February 4, 200810:26 am

    I read about this.
    One drawback was a sprocket malfunction would scratch the center of the image.

    I never noticed WWII film in this format.
    (But then… how would I know?)…

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