Movie Star Invents Automatic Fag Vender Like Camera (Mar, 1932)

Movie Star Invents Automatic Fag Vender Like Camera

ACTORS can do other things besides act.

Lew Cody, for instance, blossomed out as a full-fledged inventor when he applied for a patent on an ingenious cigarette vender patterned after a movie camera. One turn of the handle on the camera and a cigarette is ejected from the lens barrel, as demonstrated in the photo at the left.

  1. Hirudinea says: October 18, 201111:35 am

    Many actor seem to be able to do anything except act!

  2. Mike says: October 18, 20112:56 pm

    Lew Cody stared in the movies, The Demi-Bride (1927) and The Gay Deceiver (1926), along with his fag vender I am seeing a pattern.
    (I know the words had different means then)

  3. Tim says: October 18, 20113:35 pm

    And two years after inventing a way to get his cigarettes more conveniently, he died from heart disease.

  4. Devak says: October 19, 20113:54 pm

    Actress Joan Crawford had little cigarette boxes placed around her living room. When the guest open it up to fetch a smoke they were treated to a naughty picture inside. Joan, ….you were the hostess with the mostess.

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