MUSCLE building equipment of the gymnasium is much favored by movie folk to keep in shape for their strenuous profession. Weight lifting machines, parallel bars, and even trapeze are used by stars of the silver screen, two of whom are pictured in the photos at the right going through their daily dozen. Marion Davies, above, is attacking a dummy who seems to be a bear for punishment—anyhow, he takes a left hook to the nose without even a wink of the eye.

  1. quadibloc says: March 29, 201212:29 pm

    Marion Davies. I’m surprised no one yet remembered that she was the relatively unsuccessful movie star of which William Randolph Hearst is believed to have been infatuated.

  2. Charlene says: March 29, 20128:20 pm

    Davies’s career was damaged by Welles’s Citizen Kane, but not intentionally. Welles’s only stated regret about Kane was the damage it did to Marion’s career. He actually respected Davies immensely, and he based the character of Susan Alexander not on her but on Ganna Walska, the mistress and later second wife of Harold Fowler McCormick. McCormick spent millions getting Walska onto the stage, but she had no talent whatsoever and made a fool of herself and her paramour’s money.

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