Movieland Shipyard (Aug, 1951)

This was MGM’s Lot #3 which now contains condominiums (but alas, no Starbucks). The artificial lake was seen in “Show Boat” (1953) and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” (1960).  The colonial village mentioned in the text was called “Salem Waterfront” and was seen in “All the Brothers Were Valiant” (1953) and “Plymouth Adventure” (1953)

Movieland Shipyard

HOLLYWOOD, land of anything-can-happen, has a whole ocean full of ships smack in the middle of an MGM lot.

It’s a man-made lake, S-shape, measuring 1,200 feet from the colonial village at one end to the jungle creek at the other. Its fleet includes everything from a Maori lumber barge to an oldtime Mississippi showboat. By means of four separately-controlled locks, sections of the lake may be drained independently for cleaning. Its six and one-half million gallons of water from MGM’s private well are stocked with fish, too . . . mosquito fish to eat larvae.

Can you place the scenes below in the aerial photo at left? 1. New England Village; 2. Schooner; 3. Showboat; 4. Tugboat from Min and Bill, and wave machine.

  1. RS says: February 20, 201211:25 am

    No doubt this is now an office park with a strip mall containing a Starbucks.

  2. Hirudinea says: February 20, 20123:18 pm

    Shame they didn’t leave the lake and village, but not profitable I guess.

  3. Mike says: February 21, 20121:18 pm

    (but alas, no Starbucks)

    Where else can someone go to pay a premium for burnt horrible tasting coffee with a lot of flavored syrup?

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