Movies Aid Firemen’s Efficiency (Apr, 1932)

Movies Aid Firemen’s Efficiency

FIREMEN of Paris, France, have devised a novel method of improving their fire fighting efficiency. They take movies of the various stages of the battle with the flames, and later study the films to see where they could have done better.

The movies of the fire are made from a special camera mounted on a platform on the rear of a motorbike.

  1. Neil Russell says: June 5, 20088:54 am

    I wonder if there’s enough of this footage still around to make a “Vintage Most Daring” video show?

  2. KHarn says: June 8, 20086:43 am

    That would be cool.

  3. ERRCOMAN says: June 11, 20086:23 am

    Are they driving to the fire while filming?? If they are at the fire, then why are the two guys still on the motorcycle??

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