Movies Lure Youngsters to the Dentist (Jun, 1939)

Movies Lure Youngsters to the Dentist
Instead of staring at the wall and wondering how soon the ordeal will be over, young patients of Dr. Harry Spiro, Chicago, Ill., dentist, can concentrate their attention on moving pictures that flash in front of them, while the dentist works on their teeth. Designed to make the dentist’s office a more popular place with youngsters, the apparatus is housed in a cabinet placed directly in front of the dental chair. Film cartoons and short features are thrown onto the screen by a small electric projector.

  1. Mark Spiro says: November 30, 20085:24 pm

    That’s my Grandfather, and that picture was staged at a convention… Pretty awesome idea tough, especially for the time period.

  2. Dentists Simi Valley says: May 24, 200910:42 pm

    If this is their idea of encouraging the kids to have a dental treatment, then it is just the same way as today. The only difference is that, today has modernized technology. Pediatric dentistry today has perfect solutions for sedating the child to undergo tooth extraction. Old methods such as what we see in the picture, has is kind of scary, because of the dental room does not look as friendly as it should be.

  3. Dentist San Jose says: June 5, 20094:08 am

    Even today, kids enjoy watching movies while having their dental check up or treatments. This helps a lot to make their visit more enjoyable.

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