Movies of Television Show Provide Permanent Record (Mar, 1948)

Movies of Television Show Provide Permanent Record
With a 1200-foot magazine that permits continuous recording of a half-hour program, a specially designed movie camera photographs television programs directly from the monitor tube at the broadcasting station. The double-chamber magazine holds both unexposed and exposed film and can be removed in a lighted room. The camera will be used by stations to provide a permanent record of their programs.

  1. jayessell says: January 8, 20089:30 am

    After focusing and framing I’d expect a lightproof enclosure between the CRT and camera lens.

    No mention of flicker abatement.
    Film = 24 frames per second.
    Video = 30 fields per second.
    Any synchronization between the CRT and camera?

    Some of the “Your Show of Shows” I’ve seen on PBS look great!

  2. cks2008 says: January 11, 200812:19 pm

    The camera is adjusted to film at 30fps.

  3. 7 5/8 LO says: March 8, 20082:50 pm

    You’d think this was as simple as parking a movie camera in front of a TV screen, but it actually had to wait for picture tube technology to make a bright enough image to film well at high speed.

    Before 1948 we have less than 10 minutes of off-screen film, all of that shot at 16fps silent speed.

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