MowBot (Jan, 1969)

ROBOT mower cuts grass within signal-wire perimeter around lawn. It automatically turns around when it hits wire. Quiet, virtually maintenance-free, battery-powered unit random cuts up to 7,000 sq. ft. on one charge; $795.

MowBot. Inc., North Tonawanda. N. Y. 14120

  1. Christopher says: October 14, 20117:38 am

    At least when your Roomba attains sentience and revolts against its human masters, all it can do is apply a little suction.

  2. tb says: October 14, 20118:45 am

    Will it work the electric dog fence?

  3. George says: October 14, 201111:13 am

    and when the perimeter wire breaks…

  4. Hirudinea says: October 14, 20111:36 pm

    “Honey, have you seen the cat?”

    “Not now dear, I’m trying to clear the clog in this damn MowBot!”

  5. Andrew L. Ayers says: October 15, 20111:36 am

    @Hirudinea: LOL!

    What I find most interesting about the MowBot, is how similar it is to the Friendly Robotics mower line (RL500, for instance). This is a link to a Popular Science article from January 1969 on the MowBot:

    They go more “in-depth” – and show it with the cover off. It looks to be about the same size as the RL500. It has dual rotating blades like it, too. The blades, though, are somewhat different, using small X-acto blades instead of larger fixed blades. It has a set of sensors to the sides, front and back for the perimeter wire. One motor drives both wheels, with clutches/brakes to actuate a turn (which is different from the RL500, which uses a motor per wheel).

    Aside from the lack of a computer controller, it seems functionally the same as the RL500.

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