Mr. Leslie Black Dies Suddenly While Seated at His Desk (Mar, 1922)

Mr. Leslie Black Dies Suddenly While Seated at His Desk

Think of the numerous times you have read articles in the papers of this nature. The account generally goes on to say that Mr. Black was, on the previous evening, enjoying the company of his friends, was APPARENTLY in the best of health and that his death came as a terrible surprise.

Now there are thousands of cases just like Mr. Black’s, where men, who have the appearance of being absolutely healthy and who declare they are feeling better than they have ever felt in their lives, and are being attacked by some insidious disease. Their bodies are slowly being worn down and their health ultimately broken.

If people could only realize the necessity of protecting their wonderful human machines from disease! If they would only treat their bodies as carefully as the skilled engineer attends to his mechanical devices—well, it would mean added years of life, a saving of big doctor bills and the happiness that comes of really being healthy and remaining healthy.

—how it’s analysis prevents disease.

The analysis of the urine is one of the few methods by which the actual physical condition of a person can be actually determined IN TIME to prevent organic disease of the kidneys and other organs.

The number of diseases which show up in the urine are countless, the most common of which are Bright’s Disease, Diabetes, Nephritis, etc.—not so serious in their early stages but they become fatal if not given the proper attention.

Urine analysis is such a sure method of detecting disease that Life Insurance Companies risk fortunes insuring people who can take the test. Big Corporations demand it of their employees—the Army, Navy and Civil Service cannot be entered without it.


We of offer the services of a complete laboratory specializing in the examination of the urine. Each case receives the personal attention of specialists in Chemistry, Biology, Physiology and Microscopy.

We make complete chemical and microscopical examinations and detect any serious errors in your selection of food. Errors in diet are shown by alteration in the constituents of the urine.

After the examination is made our findings are placed upon a report sheet and sent to you. This report also contains personal recommendations by our medical adviser for your guidance with a full explanation of the meaning of our report. We do not treat disease or prescribe medicine in any case. Generally a change in diet will be all that you need, but it conditions are serious we will recommend consultation with your physician.


The cost is only $15.00 per year for this service. At regular intervals quarterly a neat little container will appear on your desk— marked PERSONAL with no hint as to its contents. Simply fill the bottle and return it in the same container which is addressed and stamped for its return to us. In other words, for 4 cents per day you will have experts forever on the lookout for your health. You may forget it—but the silent messenger never will—he is always there on the dot.


Health Service is the kind of Insurance you do not have to die to win.

“Health service reduces absenteeism 50%” “Health service is a Health Inventory.”

“Health service reduces insurance costs.”

Commissioner of Health, New York City, recently said:— “It is a good thing to have your urine examined periodically by someone who can advise you as to the meaning of the findings.”


We are so certain that you will become a regular subscriber to this Service, once we have demonstrated it to you, that we are making you this FREE OFFER. Just fill in the coupon below. Upon receipt of it, we will mail you a container to be filled and returned. We will make a complete analysis and hand you a regular report, just as though you were paying for the Service. You will be convinced then that you can’t afford to be without it. Fill in the coupon today.

Don’t Delay—Do It TODAY. Your Health may be imperiled RIGHT NOW.

31 E. 4th St., Cincinnati, Ohio.

  1. Myles says: August 19, 201010:10 am

    Hey, I want this service, I don’t want to die suddenly at my desk! To think I have been just wasting my urine.

  2. GaryM says: August 20, 201010:47 am

    Somehow I have the feeling that anyone who sent a urine sample to this site got back a letter saying, “You’re very lucky! You have a fatal disease, but we diagnosed it just in time, and you can cure it by ordering our Patented Elixir for the next six months!”

  3. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: August 20, 20103:04 pm

    Pretty much agree with GaryM; But we have online medical testing; the same send them a sample and we’ll send you the results; god knows how accurate.

    And then there’s the whole alternative ‘medicine’ industry operating online, everything from ‘bust enhancement’ to bogus cancer treatments with the usual ‘male enhancement’ scams.

  4. Toronto says: August 23, 201012:02 pm

    There’s a punchline somewhere here. “and your horse is pregnant.” I think.

  5. Tim says: August 23, 20104:25 pm

    Someone should make signs that say “URINE THE BAROMETER OF YOUR HEALTH” for public restrooms.
    Or maybe just make it a tee shirt design.

  6. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: August 23, 20105:58 pm

    There’s a whole class of puns on “Urine trouble when…”

  7. Cranky_Old_Man says: October 15, 20102:21 pm

    I’m Leslie Black, Jr. and I approved this message.

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