Munsingwear serves up comfort two ways (May, 1952)

“Go ahead Dave, stare at my crotch a bit. I’m going to stand here in my flip-flops and smoke a pipe.”

Munsingwear serves up comfort two ways
(which is best for you?)

1 . With the Horizontal fly brief

PATENTED COMFORT POUCH gives natural support

Horizontal fly won’t gap

Snug fit leg opening Won’t sag or stretch


2. With the Stretchy-seat* brief

PATENTED horizontal rib SEAT stretches up and down as you bend

No-gap vertical fly adjusts itself

Patented comfort pouch assures no-chafe masculine comfort


*Also available in Halfways, Shin-highs and Longies


briefs for men and boys

  1. Mike says: May 25, 20115:43 am

    “Munsingwear” sounds too much like “mustn’t wear”

  2. Timaay says: May 25, 20117:44 pm

    Whenever the subject of Men’s Underwear comes up (and when doesn’t it?), I like to relate this little ironic anecdote. When I was a teenager, we wore briefs. We referred to boxers as “old man underwear”. Now, man son who is a teenager wont be caught dead in a pair of briefs referring to them as “old man underwear”. Now is that irony or is that irony?

  3. John says: May 25, 20118:26 pm

    Timaay: Actually that’s not irony

  4. Don says: May 25, 20118:30 pm

    True irony involves some form of deceit, duplicity, or hypocrisy, be it intentional or accidental.

  5. Doreen says: May 25, 20118:35 pm

    Timaay:….Today’s male teens do everything they can to conceal their natural anatomy. They consider items like Speedos and skimpy underwear as belonging to the GLBT crowd.

  6. Charlene says: May 26, 20115:20 pm

    I love the guys my age who constantly gripe about their sons wearing their pants too loose, as if the issue was of equal importance to the Afghan War. Thirty years ago, their parents were constantly griping about their too-tight jeans and long hair, as if it were as important as the War Measures Act. Thirty years from now the pants-on-the-ground group will be 45 and naturally will find something to complain about with regard to their sons’ clothing, and it will go on generation after generation, as it always has.

    I find it helps to not care too much about other peoples’ use of dried plant and animal fibers to cover their bodies, but then again I’m not a parent.

  7. Timaay says: May 26, 20115:58 pm

    You know what the REAL irony is…?

    Na, I’m just kiddin

  8. Scott B. says: May 27, 20118:07 pm

    Timaay, I totally relate to your story, and chuckle along with you at whatever the hell it is an example of.

    I do think the briefs the Munsingwear guys up there are wearing truly are “old man underwear.” Sheesh.

  9. Orv says: May 31, 20114:31 pm

    It’s not that surprising. Trends are cyclical because kids always rebel against whatever their parents wore. For a kid, nothing makes something seem uncool quite like seeing your parents do it. 😉

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