Musical Cake Plays a Tune (Sep, 1939)

Musical Cake Plays a Tune
If you start to cut the first slice of your birthday cake, and the cake suddenly begins to play a tune, don’t be alarmed. It’s probably a musical cake of the kind introduced recently by a Brooklyn, N. Y., bakery. A diminutive music box is embedded in the bottom of the cake, and set off when a string is cut with the knife that cuts into the cake. Eighteen separate tunes are available, ranging from “Rockabye Baby” all the way to “Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?”

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  1. Hirudinea says: December 5, 201212:17 pm

    Safer than those exploding chinese musical birthday cake candles, I wish they had a bit more explanation of how it worked though, or maybe an illustration of the mechanism.

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