Musical Fists (Aug, 1955)

Musical Fists
NEXT time you hear a favorite hymn breaking sweetly upon the evening stillness, have a thought for the busy carillonneur who is valiantly beating it out with his fists and feet. Playing tunes on bells that range from 12 pounds to 12 tons takes musicians who are willing to play unseen and can put their backs into it. Photos by Joe Clark for Friends Magazine. •

  1. Charlene says: July 29, 200812:49 am

    I am such a twelve-year-old boy. I was hoping “Musical Fists” was about making, er, wind noises with the hands.

  2. Erica says: July 30, 200811:34 am

    I had a chance to play a carillon once — nothing musical, just “push this and see how hard it is!” It WAS hard. Those finger pads are incredibly necessary!

  3. Torgo says: July 30, 20085:43 pm

    This was the working title for West Side Story.

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