Musical Instrument Made of Two Cans and a String (Oct, 1921)

Musical Instrument Made of Two Cans and a String

The illustration shows a very novel and curious “fiddle” made of simple materials and yet a practical instrument to play. This “violin” is simply a long stick to which have been attached two tin cans. Stretched between two holes in the cans is a violin string, it being fastened on one end to a screw so that it will be adjustable to various pitches.

The “violin” is played with a well-resined bow, and it gives a fairly good sound, the notes being made by “stopping” the string at different lengths with the left hand while the right hand bows, just as in playing a cello.

The two tin cans act as resonators to make the sound of the vibration of the string louder. Although this is only a makeshift, an enterprising young violinist is using it to great advantage as a novelty.

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