Musical Tones May Be Made on a Hand Saw (Oct, 1921)

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Musical Tones May Be Made on a Hand Saw

One of the latest fads is to extract music from an ordinary hand saw. The illustration shows how this may be accomplished. Simply hold the saw between your knees, bend the saw with one hand and draw the bow over the edge, as shown. A tone will be the result.

Bending the blade in various curves will produce all the notes of the scale. Different tones may also be made by varying the angle of the bow and its position. Nearer the end on high notes and toward the handle on the low notes.

A little experimenting will enable anyone to produce music from this improvised instrument.

  1. Hirudinea says: September 4, 20124:35 pm

    Believe it or not Maralene Detrich played the musical saw, here’s a picture……

  2. Don F says: September 4, 20125:03 pm
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