Mystifying With Chemical Magic (Sep, 1936)

I like how it states that all of the stunts are harmless then proceeds to explain all the ways the ingredients are not.

Mystifying With Chemical Magic

WHILE all stunts described above are harmless, care should be exercised in the handling of the phosphorous and sulphuric acid (H2S04). Phosphorous when exposed to open air for periods longer than two minutes will burst into flame, therefore submerge it in kerosene when not in use. To protect your fingers from its effects powder them with chalk or talcum. A pair of small forceps may be also used, if available, in handling small pieces of the chemical. In handling the sulphuric acid be sure that none drops on clothing as it rots material.

The Mystic Bowl

When placed over a flame this bowl of water glows with the brilliance of a fire ball when the lights in the room are turned out. The secret of the stunt is the dropping of a small piece of phosphorus into the water after it has reached the boiling point. Dust the hands with chalk before handling the raw phosphorus.

White Snow Cigarette

Upon lighting this cigarette volumes of white smoke issue from it to the amazement of the onlookers. Prepare the cigarette by removing some of the tobacco from the tip and inserting a piece of phosphorus the size of a rice grain, then replace the tobacco in the tip.

Black Snow Cigarette

When properly treated with the smoke mixture given above any cigarette can be made to produce clouds of black smoke when ignited. The smoke is soot black, yet harmless if inhaled by yourself or anyone receiving the cigarette.

Magic Candle

Lighting a candle with a liquid instead of fire will amaze and mystify your friends. Coat a charred candle wick with the solution given above and allow to dry. The candle is ignited with a drop of sulphuric acid.

  1. Tim Crow says: August 22, 201212:39 pm

    And won’t it be fun watching your victim sucking up the phosphorus fumes with their last breath.

  2. Hirudinea says: August 22, 20121:17 pm

    @ Tim Crow – Hey, they’re smokers, they suck worse stuff into their lungs every day.

  3. mcubstead says: August 22, 20123:15 pm

    Well, you must also consider propane is a safe and harmless…If you handle it according to instructions, else you might have a big bang.

  4. JediaKyrol says: August 23, 201212:28 pm

    it’s magically safe…no demons here…

    chemically…not so much

  5. Stephen says: August 24, 20126:32 am

    “In handling the sulphuric acid be sure that none drops on clothing as it rots material.”
    And bits of people…

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