NBC Proves Television Practical (Mar, 1937)

NBC Proves Television Practical

TRANSMITTING television movies across Metropolitan New York the National Broadcasting Company recently proved that this new science had definitely left the laboratory and was ready to be offered to the American public. More than two hundred spectators gathered around television receivers set up in the sixty-second floor of the RCA Building in New York City to watch the thrilling broadcast, which included both live talent and movies.

The program originated in the television studios of the National Broadcasting Company and was transmitted over coaxial cable to the television sending apparatus located atop the Empire State Building. Here a transmitter operating on 343-line definition sent the television pictures out over the air
to be picked up by the receivers located high up in the RCA Building.

Although the broadcast exceeded the wildest expectations of the newspaper representatives who attended the demonstration it will still be several years before television will be offered to the public due to complications which must be remedied. A standard line definition must be decided upon and permission of the Federal Communications Commission secured for commercial broadcasting.

  1. Stannous says: August 25, 20063:48 pm

    This is 5 years after the ‘do-it-yourself’ TV shown yesterday. I guess it wasn’t practical until then.

    Here’s another ‘practical’ use for your TV:
    When your dry Swiffer sheets get dirty they can be rinsed out and stuck to the screen of your TV and when it is turned on it will recharge the static electricity in the sheet.

  2. jayessell says: August 25, 20067:20 pm

    As I said in an earlier post….
    RCA was waiting for the Farnsworth and Zowarkan patents to lapse.
    Supposedly an RCA BigWig said “We collect royalties, we don’t pay them.”

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