Neon Beacon Has 120-Mile Range (Jul, 1931)

Neon Beacon Has 120-Mile Range

Huge Light Is Visible to Aviators Across Entire State of Indiana

All aerial night traffic on the transcontinental route from New York to the Pacific Coast is now guided across the entire state of Indiana by the world’s largest neon aviation beacon, which has recently been completed atop the tallest building in Indianapolis. Standing 375 feet above street level, the red beams of the 2,000,000 candlepower light may be seen by aviators within a radius of 60 miles. On clear nights it may be picked up 100 miles away.

  1. Nomen Nescio says: August 30, 20091:01 pm

    two million candlepower? i could swear i’ve seen flashlights for sale advertised as being in that range… Indiana must have had less light pollution back then.

  2. Firebrand38 says: August 30, 20092:25 pm

    Nomen Nescio: Only two million?


  3. fred says: August 31, 200911:52 am

    i’ll bet stargazing was pretty awesome back then.

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