Neon Signs Identify Police Patrol Cars (Apr, 1939)

Neon Signs Identify Police Patrol Cars

Police cars assigned to the park districts of Chicago, Ill., are now fitted with roof-top neon signs so that motorists may identify them on the road at any time during the day or night. Within park areas, the police automobiles travel at legal speeds so that drivers may spot them and judge their own speed accordingly. Even in heavy fog, the rooftop signs are easily visible, as shown in the photograph reproduced
at the left.

  1. darren says: December 12, 201010:01 pm

    With the amount of focus on Australian drivers who speed (including drivers going 2 or 3 kms over the limit) our politicians would be having a heart attack if cars didn’t have speedometres and had to wait for a passing policecar to judge what a legal speed was.

  2. Toronto says: December 12, 201010:41 pm

    The local cops had a portable speed radar warning sign on a street near me a few days ago. It was in a 50 kph zone (30 mph, more or less) but every car going by was blowing 60 at least.

    I sped up and hit it at 42 – not bad for a bicycle, but really too fast for the conditions. :0)

    (Lance Armstrong was, I believe, the first to average over 40 kph / 25 mph for an entire Tour de France. Me, I average 20 kph when I’m on tour, but then again, I’m carrying camping equipment.)

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