I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow. I’ll be heading to NYC to visit my family and then over to Europe. My current itinerary is:

  • 10/12-10/15 – Amsterdam – No specific plans, I’ve just always wanted to go. They have a museum of torture devices and another entirely of paintings of cats. It’s possible these are the same museum.
  • 10/16 -10/18 – I’ll be at TAM London. TAM8 in Vegas was a lot of fun, but I rather despise Vegas. TAM London has an amazing speakers list, an awesome city and a much better graphic designer.
  • 10/19-10/20 – Geneva – I’m going to take a tour of CERN. Actually the whole impetus for this trip was that I really want to take a tour of the LHC. Sadly, they’re not giving tours of it right now. I suppose that has something to do with it being turned on and all. I’m still psyched to tour CERN though. Maybe I’ll get to see the actual office where Tim Berners-Lee invented the blink tag. It’s pretty crazy; you have to reserve a spot three months ahead of time. I discovered this last month. Luckily someone canceled so a space opened up. If you work at CERN and can get me in to see of any part of the LHC I will be your best friend forever.
  • 10/21-10/21+x – I’m not sure. I was thinking either Berlin, or Munich. Berlin sounds great, but Munich is on the way and has the biggest science museum on the planet. Then maybe Marseilles? Suggestions?
  • 10/21x+n -10/29 – Valencia/Barcelona – again, not sure what I’m going to do, just always sounded nice. Then I fly home.

If you’re going to be in one of those cities at the same time as me and would like to grab a drink, send me an email. Also, if anyone has any tips or suggestions I’d love to hear them, either in the comments or via email.

If you’re interested in how my trip is going, I’ll be posting updates to my twitter feed (@shopsinc).

I’ve queued up a bunch of new posts, so there should be fresh content on the site pretty much every day that I’m gone.

See you in November!

  1. Cristian Raicu says: October 7, 20103:25 am

    Come to also to Madrid. You wiil enjoy !
    Anyway, have a nice trip !

  2. Kanys says: October 7, 20105:24 am

    Amsterdam: Did the torture museum in ’08. Worth the trip. Somehow missed the cat museum and did Van Gogh instead. 😉

    Germany: Preferred Munich to Berlin but that was ’88. Munich is a beautiful city, but lots of history in Berlin.

    NYC: If you’re a cocktail lover, check out Death & Co. one evening and sit at the bar. Been a while since I’ve been there but they had the best bartenders in the City. Some amazing-bordering-on-magical drinks. Not far is PDT (Please
    Don’t Tell) with it’s entrance in a hotdog restaurant. Both bars are based on speakeasies. PDT’s Saturday Matinee is memorable. Tastes like cherry cola with an aftertaste of popcorn. Brilliant stuff more akin to chemistry than pubbery.

  3. Stephen Edwards says: October 7, 20105:46 am

    You’re right about the science museum in Munich. It’s quite easy to spend a whole day there in nerdy bliss. Highly recommended. There’s beer there, too.

  4. Charlene says: October 7, 20107:20 am

    Oktoberfest is in Munich, is it not?

  5. Charlene says: October 7, 20107:20 am

    Oh, and have a great vacation! CERN…I am SO jealous.

  6. Firebrand38 says: October 7, 20107:41 am

    Charlene: It was. It ended October 4th http://www.oktoberfest….

  7. Scott B. says: October 7, 20108:29 am

    So envious. Have a great time! My wife and I visited many of those places way back in 1990 B.C. (before children). Munich is as clean and pretty as Disney World, and zero jaywalking. 🙂 (Quite a contrast to Rome and Venice, where we’d been just prior). Dachau is near Munich, if you’ve a mind to pay your respects. The Dutch are very friendly and TALL. If you like chocolate, be sure to track down a Leonidas chocolate shop while in Amsterdam; hands down the best in the world. We liked Madrid (the Prado is excellent) and Toledo (looks just like an El Greco painting), but I wish we’d gone to Barcelona; I love Art Nouveau architecture. Looking forward to the reports on your travels, esp. the visit to CERN!

  8. Jari says: October 7, 201010:24 am

    Have a nice trip. Like Stephen said, Deutsches Museum in München is a must. Remember to wear good shoes, there’s a lot of walking involved.

  9. hwertz says: October 7, 20106:23 pm

    Damn that sounds sweet. Have fun!

  10. Don says: October 7, 20106:59 pm

    Amster! Amster! . . . dam, dam, dam!!
    Amster! Amster! . . . dam, dam, dam!!

  11. Casandro says: October 7, 201011:50 pm

    Yes, the “Deutsches Museum” is certainly worth a visit. There’s also the “Englischer Garten” a large park right near the middle of Munich.

    In case you get to Nuremberg, I can recommend you the “Rundfunkmuseum” which is a museum of broadcasting.

  12. Pwilliam56 says: October 8, 201010:37 am

    Have a wonderful trip! I have always wanted travel to Europe and visit the places you mentioned.

  13. Firebrand38 says: October 8, 201011:00 am

    Pwilliam56: Forget it, he already left

  14. James says: October 8, 20109:12 pm

    If you’re anywhere near Brussels, the Atomium is a MUST see!

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