New 4-in-1 Watch (Apr, 1938)

New 4-in-1 Watch
Think of getting, for only $19.75—not only a more accurate time piece, but ALSO :-

1. A STOP WATCH that at the touch of a lever checks off the time in seconds and fifths of seconds!
2. A TACHOMETER that gives you at a glance the exact speed at which any moving object is traveling over a measured distance!
3. A TELEMETER which tells the distance you are away from any simultaneous source of light and sound!


Smart, trim and compact, the Pierce 4-in-l Watch is simplicity itself to operate. And it’s unconditionally guaranteed against any mechanical defect for one full year! See this amazing Pierce Watch at any good dealer today. If he cannot supply you mail order direct.

PIERCE WATCH CO., Dept. 14, 22 W. 48th St.. N. Y. C.

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