New Advertising Medium Displays Real Goods (Feb, 1929)

New Advertising Medium Displays Real Goods

LOS ANGELES is the home of many unique advertising attractions. One of its more enterprising concerns conceived the idea of a sign board that would be an architectural beauty. It was to take the form of a picture frame with the subject acting as the picture. A large wood frame was erected, plate glass fitted and the sign was ready.

A beautiful roadster was placed on the platform behind the window. The backdrop was painted so as to give the car a proper setting, the colored lights were adjusted and the picture was completed. The new picture-sign board has been declared the acme of out-door advertising.

  1. Mike says: August 21, 20099:04 am

    Wow, they came up with the idea of displaying the actual product!

  2. Rick Auricchio says: August 21, 20091:15 pm

    Wonder how long before they realized they needed security!

  3. Neil Russell says: August 21, 20093:35 pm

    Up to that point I guess there was no other way to combine an automobile, a glass panel, and a backdrop as a display, you know, like a dealership window or something.

    Looks like a Pierce Arrow roadster, very cool.

  4. Richard says: August 23, 20095:53 pm

    Strangely, they use the same idea to advertise the ‘product’ in Amsterdam brothels too…

  5. Firebrand38 says: August 23, 20099:11 pm

    And in Brussels, Belgium as well.

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