New All-Metal Helicopter Has Eighteen-Foot Wing Props (Nov, 1929)

New All-Metal Helicopter Has Eighteen-Foot Wing Props

THE “Maiden Milwaukee,” all-metal monoplane produced by the Hamilton Metalplane company of Milwaukee has been converted into an experimental helicopter by Jesse C. Johnson of Delray, Florida. Johnson provided 18-foot wing propellers for each wing, in addition to the front prop. The wing props are driven by shafts from a motor in the fuselage and are expected to cause the plane to rise and land vertically.

  1. Eamon says: May 4, 20085:33 pm

    It also mows lawns.

  2. Tim Giachetti says: May 5, 20082:45 am

    Looks like Xenus’ ride! 😛

  3. jayessell says: May 5, 20085:45 am

    We shouldn’t laugh at our ancestor’s attempts at VTOL.
    They knew F=MA. They had sliderules. They knew the weight of the
    craft and had the engine performance specifications.
    Do the math, people!

  4. Myles says: May 5, 200811:11 am

    I’m suprised they didn’t add a racing stripe to make it go faster. Please tell me they actually tried this.

  5. Kruk says: May 5, 20088:54 pm

    Hey, what’s wrong? Looks like an early V-22 to me!

    But seriously, all the weird flying “contraptions” we see were the product of lone crackpot inventors, even if they did have a lot of money to waste. Autogyros were well known by this point, so real engineers did know the rotor area needed to support a given weight.

  6. Davemon says: May 6, 20084:08 am

    Methinks it’s good for Zombies. 🙂

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