New Anesthetic Removes Fear (Jan, 1930)

Imagine that, you give people barbiturates and they ask for more. Who’da thunk it?

New Anesthetic Removes Fear

A NEW anesthetic which puts patients to sleep so pleasantly and easily that they ask for more, has been reported by Dr. J. S. Lundy of the Mayo Clinic and Dr. R. M. Isenberger, professor of pharmacology of the University of Kansas. Fewer unpleasant after-effects and far less danger than many of the local anesthetics are claimed for this new aid to surgery, which has the impressive name of iso-amylethyl barbituric acid and it is reputed to reduce the fear of anesthetics suffered by some people. The work grew out of the old problem of how to offset the bad effects of some local anesthetics. Drs. Isenberger and Lundy found that certain substitution products of barbituric acid gave protection against convulsions from procaine.

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  1. Hirudinea says: November 26, 20122:05 pm

    Yep the patient asks for more, then demands more, than breaks into a drug store to get more…

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