New Appliances for the Home (Feb, 1936)

How much do you want to bet that the secret ingredient in the fireproof mattress is asbestos?

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New Appliances for the Home

SHAVING STAND. Mounted on a heavy base, this metal stand holds everything needed in shaving. A built-in light below the mirror receives power througn an extension cord running from the base. There is a brush holder with cup, and a tray for razor and soap. The height is adjustable

An exact “jiggerful” of liquor is drawn from a bottle when the rubber bulb on this new highball-mixing aid is pressed as illustrated above

WINDOW SHELVES. Narrow window sills can be put to use by means of portable shelves which are easily put in place. They are nine inches wide and come in a choice of three different lengths

CONVENIENT OUTLETS for electrical appliances are provided at six-inch intervals on a continuous molding strip. The material is available in various lengths and is easily installed

DRIPLESS BOTTLE SPOUT. When the tip of this “magic spout” is dipped into the liquid already poured, as shown, the flow is stopped and the spout can be withdrawn without spilling. It can be used on wine and other liquor bottles

THREAD RETAINER. The metal clip shown above keeps thread from slipping off the spool. Thread feeds through an eyelet that moves across the spool in a transverse slot

TESTS COFFEE FRESHNESS To enable the housewife to test the freshness of vacuum-packed coffee, a manufacturer supplies a chemically impregnated label that changes color when in contact with oxygen

SCALE SPEEDS RECIPE MIXING. A rotating dial on this kitchen scale enables the housewife to weigh all the ingredients of a recipe in one bowl. As each item is added, the dial is set back to zero for the next. Graduations are in pounds and ounces

When a lighted cigarette is stood on end in one of the cells of the novel ash tray shown at the right, it is put out at once. A patented cellular construction is employed

ELECTRIC FOOT WARMER. Immediate relief for cold feet is afforded by this electric foot warmer, which is covered with a porcelain shell. It is said to yield a pleasant, uniform heat and to be very economical in current consumption

SHAVING MUG HAS BUILT-IN SOAP DISPENSER. By turning a ring that forms a part of a new shaving mug, the user causes soap to be forced into the mug from a reservoir in the base. The mug is shown at right

ENVELOPES FOR SANDWICHES. Individual bags of transparent wrapping material, for keeping sandwiches and cakes fresh, are now available. Accordion pleats at the sides make them fit snugly. Larger sizes fit fruits and other foods

FIREPROOF MATTRESS. Smoking in bed is made a comparatively safe pastime by the introduction of a mattress in which all inflammable material has been chemically fireproofed. The photo shows it under test

MOTOR OPERATES WINDOW SHADE A reversible electric motor, operating on the house current, raises or lowers a window shade at the pressure of a button. The button is held down until shade is at desired level

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