New Appliances Lighten Home Chores (Jul, 1939)

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New Appliances Lighten Home Chores

BOILED EGGS without shells are produced by this novel device. Raw eggs are broken into four metal cups, which are closed and lowered into a water container that is heated electrically

COCKEYED GLASSES. It’s lots of fun to serve drinks at parties in these glasses with crazy stems

TEAPOT DRIP CATCHER. The sponge-rubber bib below keeps tea from dripping and holds the lid on

JUICE STRAINER Built into a new extractor, a mechanical strainer oscillates back and forth to force the juice through openings

HOME DOUGHNUT FACTORY. With this electrically operated cooker, doughnuts can be made at home just as they are in commercial machines. Temperature of fat is thermostatically controlled. A dough molder is included

BOTTLE JACKET Bottled beverages are kept cold in a felt-lined fabric jacket fitted with a slide fastener. It also protects the table cover

GEARSHIFT STOVE. By moving a lever at the side of the new range at the right, a housewife can slide the oven racks out of the door to remove or examine the food safely

SAFETY TEAKETTLE. When the water level in this electric teakettle becomes dangerously low, it tilts backward and disconnects itself

GRAPE JUICE is easily obtained from fresh grapes by putting them in the receptacle at the left, and crushing them

CREAM-SEPARATOR MILK BOTTLE. By inserting a special valve in the enlarged neck of this milk bottle, the user can pour off the cream

  1. Jim Dunn says: May 4, 20076:16 am

    I like the gear-changing oven. You could customize it with a Hurst shifter, then add an eight-ball shifter knob. You’d have the coolest oven on the block.

  2. Stannous says: May 4, 20079:15 am

    I love the tipsy cocktail glasses- they’d be fun if you started with regular ones and switched after people had had a few.

  3. Blurgle says: May 5, 20071:54 am

    That insulated bottle jacket is sweet.

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