New Appliances (Aug, 1941)

New Appliances

THIS WASHING MACHINE has a heavy-duty wringer, the drain flume of which automatically shifts when the rolls are reversed. If the roller pressure is released, it can be instantly reset.

TURNING A KNOB or this plastic dispenser squeezes exactly the desired amount of tooth paste or shaving cream out of the tube. The device also holds three toothbrushes. It is attached to the wall by means of a single screw.

COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC is the electric dishwasher at the left. A timing cam controls all operations, including hot-air drying. A spoonful of a special washing compound, put into a holder as shown below, is automatically released as needed.

WHEN RINGS are removed for any reason, they will not be mislaid if slipped on the pole of the ring safe at the left. Available in several colors, the receptacle resembles a miniature coffee pot.

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  1. Toronto says: January 18, 20131:18 pm

    I last used one of those washers about 17 years ago – as far as I know it’s still in use with the person we gave it to.

    And my newish dishwasher still looks a lot like that one, other than being a built-in.

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