New Automatic Machine Delivers Metal-Framed Photos (Nov, 1936)

New Automatic Machine Delivers Metal-Framed Photos

IN LESS than one minute, a new coin-operated machine snaps a photo of the operator, develops it, and delivers the finished photo encased in a metal frame. The operator has only to sit down, look into a mirror to assure the desired pose, and insert a coin. The novel machine does the rest.

The framed photo produced by the machine is 2-5/8×3-1/8 inches in size. The back of the photo has a lined space on which the date and place where the photo was taken can be inscribed. A special duplicator device incorporated in the machine makes it possible to secure additional metal-framed copies of any photo taken by the machine.

The “Photomatic,” as the machine is called, is housed in a cabinet occupying floor space of about 2-1/2×4 feet. It is 73 inches in height. The operating unit is mounted on the door of the cabinet for quick and easy inspection.

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