New Brush Cleans Tongues (Apr, 1931)

Why not just use a normal toothbrush sideways?

New Brush Cleans Tongues
THE latest step in the field of inventions designed for the improvement of personal health is represented in the new brush for cleaning the tongue. The brush, shown in the photo at the left, has an unusually long handle, curved to fit the mouth, and thus reach any part of the tongue which may need cleaning.

  1. Noah says: February 25, 20119:47 am

    Here I am, fumbling around with a straight toothbrush, when I could be using a curved toothbrush! Brilliant!

  2. Charlene says: February 25, 201112:40 pm

    Sometimes I think a “No, just No” category would be useful.

  3. GaryM says: February 25, 20111:50 pm

    My dentist actually recommended tongue brushing, but said a regular toothbrush would do fine.

  4. ajricher says: February 25, 20116:12 pm

    Dunno, but looking at this the first thought I have is “Gag reflex much?”.

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