New Burglar Alarm Set Off by Vibrations of Heartbeat (Jan, 1933)

I hope they don’t have rats at that bank, because it sounds like just about anything would set that alarm off.

New Burglar Alarm Set Off by Vibrations of Heartbeat

THERE have been numerous inventions to foil bank bandits in their hold-up attempts but the latest one is the most original. The vibrations of the human heart-heat set off an alarm bell.

The device, shown in photo at the left, incorporates principles of electricity and accoustics to do its detecting job. It is the result of three years of work by the inventors.

In appearance, the burglar alarm resembles a miniature radio. If any would-be bandit approaches close to the cage, his heartbeat, working faster than usual because he is under a high nervous tension, will set off the boisterous alarm bell that can be heard a block away.

  1. rsterling78 says: September 11, 200812:41 am

    Isn’t a necktie and a snap-brim hat a bit formal for a midnight bank robbery?

  2. Rick says: September 11, 20082:21 pm

    Hi rsterling. Seems like back in the thirties they almost always pictured thieves and other miscreants as wearing those kinds of hats. Years ago when I bought one, my then-10-year-old son called it a “robbers hat”. Even he noticed the cliche! Rather than a necktie though they tended to show them in horizontally striped sweaters with an open jacket over it and carrying a blackjack.

  3. John M. Hanna says: September 11, 20084:32 pm

    I guess robbers back then took pride in their work and dressed for the occasion. Todays robbers (judging from numerous security camera tapes) just wear what they woke up in that morning.

  4. S.D. says: September 27, 20084:03 pm

    It looks that similar alarm system is used in Volvo cars 😉

  5. Lisa says: August 7, 20092:25 pm

    That was pretty neat and I do enjoy the pic!

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