New Conveniences for the Home (Jan, 1933)

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New Conveniences for the Home

ELECTRIC MIXER AND CAN OPENER. Driven by a small motor, this new kitchen utensil, which is said to cause no radio interference, combines a meat chopper, can opener, and also a knife sharpener

LOOSENS ICE TRAY. Tipped with rubber, this tool is specially designed for use in prying out ice trays. Handle shoved forward against shank jars the tray loose

BUTTON ON SALT SHAKER, Salt flows from this shaker when a white button is pressed and pepper comes at pressure on a black button. Movable cork breaks up salt lumps so they will flow easily

MILK BOTTLE CAPS. With a spear-pointed rod, fastened to a wooden handle, milk bottle caps can be lifted out

PROTECTS YOUR TABLE. Below is shown a combination coaster and ash tray which guards table from liquid stains as well as from burns

REFRIGERATOR FREEZES ICE CREAM. The freezer, two views of which are shown below, is filled with mixture and placed in refrigerator. As it begins to freeze, handle is pushed in and out to mix contents. Pictures show freezer in use and also with top removed

THIMBLE HOLDS NEEDLE. Those who sew will appreciate this combination thimble and needle holder. It is especially useful when work is being done on heavy material through which it is hard to pass the needle without letting it slip

KEEPS THE PLATES WARM. In addition to drawers in which are stored pots and pans and other kitchen utensils, the new range shown at • left, has a plate warming compartment that can be turned on without interfering with the other things that may be cooking at the time

WASHES DISHES ALL BY ITSELF. When dishes are placed in this electric dishwasher, all you need to do is add water and soap powder and then you can go away and leave it to its own operations. It will wash the dishes in soapy water, rinse them off a couple of times in clear water, sterilize them and dry them, and finally shut itself off when the job is done. All of these things are done without the touch of human hands, which is a good thing as the machine uses water hotter than you could stand. As shown above, the machine is extremely compact. A surprising feature is its simplicity, there being only two movable parts in it

PERFUMED LIGHT. A wire spring clip to which perfume is attached, is slipped over a light bulb. The heat from the bulb releases the perfume which is carried into the room by the hot air currents so that all disagreeable odors are destroyed

THERMOMETER TO TEST ROAST. At left is shown a sharp-pointed thermometer which is thrust into a cooking roast to find out if the meat is being kept at the correct temperature all the way through. In this way you are able to tell the instant the meat is thoroughly cooked

RUBBER COVERS THAT PROTECT HANDS AND WALLS. When the rubber cover, shown at right, is slipped over the valve wheel of a radiator there is no danger of burning the hands in turning it on or off. The covers can also be used on door knobs to keep them from marring walls if they fly back accidentally

EGG OPENER. The device seen at left is fitted over the top of an egg and when a lever is pressed down, knives are forced through the shell. When the opener is lifted up, the shell comes with it and the egg is ready to eat. If desired, the opener can be used conveniently to separate the yolk from the white of an egg

CHANGEABLE DRAPERIES. Headings for draperies, that attach with nickelplated snap fasteners and equal spaced slots, make it possible for the housewife to change the style of her draperies with little trouble

PARER EASY TO CLEAN. A removable blade on the new paring knife shown at left makes it easy to keep clean. The blade is springy and easily snaps in or out of place. A small metal ring on the handy device may be used for peeling an orange

  1. Caya says: June 4, 20073:01 pm

    I’m picturing this combination coaster/ashtray. The condensation from the glass drips down, and gets in the ashes. Then you have the glass sitting in this soupy, nasty mess! Sounds delightful!!

  2. Stannous says: June 4, 20079:05 pm

    Meat thermometers, still around.
    Peeler/parers still around.
    Lightbulb potpourri, still around.
    And I’ve seen those salt/pepper shakers at Stuckey’s!

    And I think Caya’s prediction is right on.

  3. docca says: June 7, 20079:40 am

    The thimble with needle holder sounds like a great idea… until you poke yourself in the trying to scratch an itch.

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