New Devices for the Home (Jan, 1932)

New Devices for the Home


BUSINESS methods in the household are the vogue today. Here we have a handsome metal kitchen cabinet in attractive enamels equipped with a modern radio set, above; and a desk space to hold a telephone, bill file, recipe books and card index, etc.


The apparatus below, designed for the moderate household budget, has the advantages of the automatic stokers used in large power plants, and like them, burns inexpensive fine coal smokelessly. The feed-tube is simply inserted in the furnace door.


FOR quicker heating and more even temperature in the room, the fan illustrated has been designed for ready attachment to a radiator. It is operated by an induction motor, so that it causes no radio interference, and delivers 400 cubic feet of air a minute on 20 watts. The four eight-inch blades are fully screened.


This rubber tray is a refrigerator accessory of the utmost convenience.

It’s made of heavy, soft material, which separates readily from the ice.


This simple device of two flat plates insures the traveler, against intrusion while in a strange room.


This new device puts the juice where it is wanted.


The aluminum cover shown removes gently the standard paper cap.


An ingenious selector determines and indicates the value of the inserted coin—from one cent to half a dollar.


The handsomely-finished utility shown below is very substantial, and will support a great weight. The stool folds back underneath when not in use.

$10.00 for the Best Idea

EVERY month, EVERYDAY SCIENCE AND MECHANICS picks out from the hundreds of good ideas submitted, ONE OUT-STANDING IDEA, which is published in this magazine. This idea is paid for at the rate of $10.00 monthly.

You all know that ideas “make this world go around,” and make for progress. If you have a good idea, new and timely, be sure to send it in. The sender of the best will be paid $10.00; while others accepted are paid for at the regular space rates in the magazine.

It matters not in what line the idea is, It may be in science or mechanics, metal or woodworking, a simple labor-saving idea, or any other of thousands of ideas that are practical. Remember, the idea must be PRACTICAL, and it should be reasonably new.

This department closes on the first of each month.

Address all contributions to Best Ideas Department, c/o EVERYDAY SCIENCE AND MECHANICS, 100 Park Place, New York City.

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  1. Zeppflyer says: October 12, 20125:33 am

    I’ve lived in several houses with hot water heat and, while I’ve loved the quiet operation and lower costs, I haven’t been as fond of how long it takes for the temperature throughout the house to actually change when you turn up the thermostat. I’d always wondered if a fan like this, attached to the radiator could speed up the change when you turn up the thermostat and then shut off once the new temperature is reached, allowing the radiators to operate passively as usual.

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