New Devices for the Household (Oct, 1934)

Apparently they had cellophane straws in 1934. Yet when my family went to Disney World in the early 80’s they were still using paper straws. I was impressed by them at first: “Cool they make straws out of paper!” then irritated when they got gummed up and stopped working. I remember thinking that Disney must have bought billions of paper straws in the 70’s and were still trying to use them all up even though everyone else had moved on to plastic.

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New Devices FOR THE Household

NEW AIR CONDITIONER. No larger than a radiator, the air conditioner shown above, is designed for the home and will be marketed at a price anyone can afford. Chilled water from a small refrigerating unit is used to cool the air. Steam warms it. Diagram, right, explains the system

PACKAGE HANDLE. A number of packages can be carried easily with this handle. Snaps clip to the strings

PORTABLE SHOWER This shower outfit can be attached quickly to any faucet and is held to tile wall by rubber suction cup

HOME CANNER. All the operations of canning are done with the machine shown here. It opens and seals tin cans

WINDOW LOCK Consisting of a rod and slide, this attachment permits a window to be opened and thenlocked. In this position it can-notbe forcedhigherup

SHARPENER IN SHAKER. Saltshaker shown at left contains, in its base, a knife sharpener. This addition makes the shaker handy for campers

MIXER SHELLS PEAS. A pea-shelling attachment on this electric mixer is said to make it twice as fast as shelling by hand. Fresh peas are placed in the sheller and instantly empty hulls drop out one side and shelled peas on the other. Big or little pods are handled

CELLOPHANE STRAWS. Straws for use with soft drinks are now made of cellophane. They are said to be practically indestructible and will not collapse under the effect of either hot or cold liquids. Their transparency is a novel feature not found in other straws generally in use

ELECTRIC BROILER TURNS FOOD. Placed in the electric broiler shown above, food is rotated automatically on a revolving drum between two heating elements. Meats are thus basted as they pass through basting cups at the bottom, so a delicious flavor is imparted, says the maker

SUCTION-CUP HANDLE. By means of this suction-cup handle, a plate is turned into a sandwich tray. It is attached or detached in an instant and will not slip

MOTOR RUNS FREEZER. Three pints of ice cream are frozen in this motor-driven freezer which, after filling, is placed in the ice-cube compartment of an automatic refrigerator. When switch is turned, the freezer does the rest quickly

CLAMP HOLDS BEDCLOTHES. Attached to the foot of any bed, the clamp, above, hold clothes snugly in place. The clamp locks itself by a snap-spring action and holds bedding firmly without injuring it until grip is released by turning the handle, as is seen in the circle above. The device has no sharp corners to catch and tear the clothes

KEEPS PERCOLATOR FROM TIPPING. Clipping the small counter-balance, seen at left, to the nose of a percolator, keeps it from tipping over when the heavy top is turned back. Weights are provided for pots of all sizes

NEW BROIL-ING METHOD No pans need be cleaned after. food has been broiled by the method illustrated at right and below. Before broiling, the food is sealed in envelopes of a special tissue. These prevent escape of odors

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