New Dry Shaver Uses No Electricity (Jul, 1940) (Jul, 1940)

New Dry Shaver Uses No Electricity
Small enough to be carried in a vest pocket, a dry shaver just introduced operates without electricity. The shaving element consists of a perforated cylinder free to turn on a grooved core, within which a narrow, replaceable blade is held in contact with the inside of the cylinder. In use, the shaver is moved over the skin as shown. The rolling perforated cylinder, moving past the inner blade, shears off the whiskers. Extra blades of high-grade steel can be purchased at low cost.

  1. Myles says: December 1, 200812:14 pm

    Ouch. It may work a little on a freshly saved face, but on a one day beard it is going to be pulling out more whiskers than cutting … if it works at all.

  2. Aaron says: December 4, 200811:38 pm

    It’s like a push-mower for your face. I’ll pass.

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