New Egg Processing Machine (Jul, 1931)

New Egg Processing Machine
A NEW machine, original in design and operation, for the processing of eggs for preservation in cold storage for as long as a year has been developed by a San Francisco machine works. The machine consists of a number of trays moving over rollers which convey the eggs to a hot oil bath, processing an average of 76 cases of eggs per hour, and keeping three operators busy.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: June 17, 20096:53 pm

    What does the hot-oil bath do?

    Cook them? Sterilize the shells? Coat them to avoid air infiltration, thus increasing storage life?

  2. John M .Hanna says: June 19, 20097:01 pm

    Its Lucy and Vivian! The eggs start coming too fast and they have to stuff them in their mouths and shirts.

  3. Firebrand38 says: June 19, 20098:13 pm

    You mean Lucy & Ethel (yeah, played by Vivian Vance).…

  4. fred says: June 20, 20092:42 am

    by the way..other than Ricky Ricardo…. is Babalu anyone’s favorite song?

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