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The sheerer the stocking, the longer a masculine eye will linger on even the least well-turned calf and ankle. Because of this fact, the mortality rate of women’s silk hose is 500,000,000 pairs annually. If women were willing to wear medium-sheer stockings of eight or more threads twisted in one yarn, their stocking problem would he minimized. But most women wear three or four-thread stockings for daytime and two-thread for evening, with little thought to the fact that these cobwebby threads must at times resist a pull of several pounds.

The greatest strain on a stocking comes at the knee and garter top when the leg is bent. Most runs start when the tops are too taut. To absorb this strain and cut down stocking casualties, some manufacturers are now using two-way stretch elastic fabrics in the tops of their stockings. The photographs on this page illustrate how the new tops work.

Schoolgirls have this year consolidated their stand against the high upkeep of silk stockings. In many girls’ colleges and high schools, socks over bare legs are now being worn during winter and summer. Silk stockings are strictly for parties and off-campus frolics. College girls are having much fun with their socks. They buy them ankle length, of cashmere or Angora, many of them decorated with embroidered flowers or initials. Although these fancy socks cost $1.26 a pair, the girls consider them a good investment because one pair outwears a dozen sheer stockings.

  1. Charlene says: March 17, 20104:31 pm

    LOL I love these “excuse to show women in various stages of undress” stories.

    She does have fantastic legs, though.

  2. Firebrand38 says: March 17, 20105:03 pm

    Charlene: She’s no Grable….

  3. Richard says: March 18, 20109:19 am

    As an amateur photographer, I’ll point out that the photo of her in front of the dresser was lit very carefully and dramatically. A light under the dresser (where nobody would normally have such a light) to illuminate the translucent skirt from behind down low, thus providing a backlight to make her legs stand out, and another light up high and to the left to light her face and to accentuate her curves with shadows. Nicely done. The other photos on that page are carefully lit, too. I don’t see how such glamorous lighting was required in order to illustrate the point of the story, but I suspect it didn’t hurt the magazine sales any…

  4. Toronto says: March 18, 201011:22 am

    The photographer wasn’t Hungry Joe from Catch-22, then. His never turned out when there were women involved.

  5. StanFlouride says: March 18, 20108:37 pm

    A couple of years later she’d just have drawn the stockings seam on the back of her legs with an eyebrow pencil.

    The ad on p.2 is interesting, what appears to be a very early electronic diagnosis machine. Or maybe just a continuity tester of some sort.

  6. Scott says: March 25, 20107:54 am

    Man, that was awkward trying to work a Catch-22 reference into the comments.

  7. jayessell says: March 25, 20109:26 am

    Re #5:
    It might be a car battery tester that measures voltage under load.

  8. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: August 6, 20109:57 pm

    Well, legs were a big thing in the 30’s and through the 40’s as you know. And in just a couple of years, women would be in hair pulling fights over nylons while this article discusses silk stockings.

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