New “Flounder” Plane Is Britain’s Bid For Airline Supremacy (Nov, 1938)

New “Flounder” Plane Is Britain’s Bid For Airline Supremacy

A DESIGN for a super airplane, which would constitute a national bid for world-wide airline supremacy, has been projected by Fred Miles, prominent British aeronautical engineer. As shown in the sketches, the proposed 38-passenger plane resembles a flounder in general appearance. The estimated performance figures for the plane when powered by four 900 horsepower motors indicate a top speed of 295 m.p.h.

  1. hip2b2 says: April 5, 20119:06 am

    I remember reading old Superman and Batman comics and laughing at the rooms full of giant billiard tables, watches, furniture, etc.

    I get the same reaction reading these old magazine extracts. Giant planes, carrying complements of mechanics, who maintain the engines, inside the wings… Sure, makes sense to me.

  2. John says: April 5, 20119:47 am

    hip2b2: Glad to hear it. It worked for Convair when they designed the B-36. The wings were 7 and a half feet high and a few of the 16 man crew were mechanics who did indeed crawl through the wings to access the engine compartments in flight. So there.

  3. Toronto says: April 5, 201110:36 am

    Alcock and Brown (well, Brown, anyway) had to walk out on the wing and chip ice away from the carburators during their first non-stop trans-Atlantic flight. I’d *much* rather crawl inside the wings.

  4. Hirudinea says: April 5, 20111:56 pm

    Wonder whatever happened to the X-2 “Flounder”? It would have made an interesting bomber.

  5. Charlene says: April 5, 20112:11 pm

    I think this is the intended Miles X transport of which the Miles X Minor was a prototype.

  6. John says: April 5, 20112:19 pm

    Hirudinea: Never made it off the drawing board. It was a candidate for a competition and didn’t have enough seating. WW2 got in the way and apparently the company never made the conversion back from war production.

    A prototype did fly however, and the design was validated on a small scale.………

  7. Daniel Rutter says: April 5, 201110:00 pm

    Yeah – unlike a lot of the aircraft ideas we’ve seen on this blog, this one probably would have worked. A lot of outlandish-looking plane designs came from inventors who’d never actually built even one working aircraft, but Miles Aircraft was a REAL manufacturer.

  8. Brian says: April 6, 201112:45 am

    It is the BWB – Blended Wing Body design. The Miles M30 is mentioned in the article.…

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