NEW for CHRISTMAS (Dec, 1952)

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PLASTIC SHADES of Vinylite adhere directly to glass without adhesive, can be peeled oil easily. Transeal, North Ave., Plainfield, N. J.

REFRIGARRANGERS are light, durable easy-to-clean containers of Bakelite styrene for leftover foods. Valley Forge Creations. Malvern. Pa.

PANCAKE TURNER-GREASER carries a replaceable absorbent pad to grease the pan. Without pad, holes drain grease. Paul Laux. Shavertown. Pa.

STORM WINDOWS of plastic can be used on homes, farmbuildings. withstand all weather. Easy to install. Central States Bag Co., St. Louis, Mo.

AUTOMATIC PERCOLATOR perks your coffee, keeps it hot. Made of aluminum, it has measure markings up to eight cups. Buckeye Aluminum, Wooster, O.

KNIFE RACK has sharpening slot in center, holds six knives by concealed jaws which can’t damage edges. New England Carbide Co., Cambridge, Mass.


NYLON CAR COVER in forest green weighs only 5-1/2 pounds, is mildewproof. withstands all weather. Edge is elastic. American Agency. Broadway. N. Y.

AUTOMATIC LIGHT DIMMER for Oldsmobile is called Autronic Eye. mounts behind windshield as shown and lowers lights when a car approaches.

WINDSHIELD PROTECTOR of polyethylene plastic . protects parked car against sleet and snow. Central States Bag and Paper Co.. St. Louis. Mo’.

SQUEEZE BOTTLE-FILTER converts ordinary water into chemically pure, soft water for batteries, irons. Crystal Research Labs.. Hartford. Conn.

CAR CHAIR has adjustable head and arm rests, folds for carrying in small zipper case. Weight is 6-1/2 pounds. Kelley Chair. Louisville, Ky.

INSUL-8-TOR blanket cements to car hood, muffles noises, protects paint. Ricar Corp.. 180th St. N. Y. C.


MARIONETTES with Vinylite heads that (eel like human skin can be washed with damp cloth, easily manipulated by children. National Mask and Puppet Corp.. Brooklyn. N. Y.

JET ZOOM for rocket-travelling small fry is made of plastic, shoots pine-foot paper spiral with repeating action. Spirals are replaceable when worn. Tigrett Enterprises. Chicago. Ill.

PLAY TENT of Vinylite has inflatable base, stands 5 feet high, weighs 4 pounds, folds into small package. Bilnor Corp., Maspeth, L. I.

MAGNETIC ROADWAY enables child to steer tiny car through tunnels, past houses. German Inventions-Novelties. POB 384. Grand Central. N. Y. C.

BACKFIRING FORD, antique model, has caps inserted in bottom which explode when trigger is pulled, can be used as pull-toy. Replica of Model T. Precision Specialties, Los Angeles. Cal.

BLOW ORGAN of Bakelite operates on lung power, produces notes that sound like the real thing. It has 14 keys, weighs about 8 ounces. Magnus Harmonica Corp., Newark, N. I.


AUTO-LIFT HOOD on Evinrude’s new 15-hp Super Fastwin Hits for easy engine servicing when two clasps are opened. Evinrude, Milwaukee. Wis.

WARMUFF for outdoorsmen straps around your waist to keep hands warm. Supplied with heating unit Pacific Products. 10th Ave.. Portland. Ore.

NYLON SPOOL for Neo-Caster reel weighs one-third ounce, eliminates spool inertia and backlash. Kilian Tackle Co.. Baldwinsville, N. Y.

KAMP-PACK waterproof kit contains 17 items, three complete meals for four people. Only water is added. Bernard Food Industries. Chicago. Ill.

FLOODLIGHT LANTERN burns gasoline, has detachable handle reflector. Coleman. Wichita. Kan.

TUNABLE DUCK CALL named Mutone gives different tones by simple adjustment. No moisture effects. Rene-Craft Products. Wilmette. 111.

  1. Kosher Ham says: December 19, 20111:42 pm

    The car chair reminds me of the headrests that you used to be able to buy until the auto makers included headrests as part of the seats.

  2. Charlene says: December 19, 20112:30 pm

    I love the little girl, dressed so sweetly, grinning maniacally at a backfiring car.

  3. Hirudinea says: December 19, 20114:26 pm

    I had a Ford once and it never backfired, and rarely started!

  4. revpj says: December 20, 201112:32 pm

    My first Ford tended to shoot flames out of the carburetor catching the air cleaner on fire before a date. I probably should have taken the fire as an omen about the date.

  5. Tim says: December 21, 20114:51 pm

    “Blow Organ”
    OK. Nuff said. 🙂

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