NEW for the HOME (Aug, 1951)

NEW for the HOME

Low Price Cooler fits in your window, lowers temperature about 15 degrees by water evaporation and air circulation. It is portable, weighing only 35 lbs. Reservoir contains 4-1/2 gal. Twin fans drive air at 1,500 ft. per min. Price installed is about $70. Palmer Mfg. Corp., Phoenix.

Ironing Board has open mesh top which enables steam to escape freely permitting garments to dry rapidly. The table has six height adjustments, and the steel top cannot warp, rust or burn. Tubular steel legs fold quickly. Wheeling Corrugating Co., Wheeling, W. Va.

Wonda-Chair is a three-in-one kiddie contraption which can be used as a stroller, left, a high-chair, below, or a car seat, lower right. It is tip-proof and adjusts to size. Wheels have brakes and seat is equipped with airplane-type safety belt. Babyhood Industries, Worcester, Mass.

  1. Charlene says: February 11, 20129:40 pm

    Now those are legs!

  2. Barry says: February 12, 201210:09 pm

    If you’re getting to hot consider this:
    That swamp cooler women would be like what?
    82- 87 years old now?
    Still hot?

  3. Toronto says: February 13, 20129:35 am

    My mother is still using that ironing board.

  4. Charlene says: February 23, 201211:37 am

    @Toronto, ironing boards haven’t changed much since. A useful item is a useful item.

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