NEW for the HOME (Jan, 1954)

NEW for the HOME

THREE-IN-ONE carriage is adaptable for going to market or carrying baby. Bottom folds up. can be used to carry bags and cases. Made in Germany.

RUB-A-DUB-MIT has built-in washboard of soft but tough Plastisol. Cleans nylons, silk lingerie, other light laundry. Vail Corp.. Paterson. N.J.

BURGLAR ALARM, right, screws to any door or window. Winds like clock, rings loudly ii intruder breaks in. Beaver & Beaver, Sterling. Cal.

CANDLELIGHT CARAFES keep coffee warm, add decorative touch. Set includes four two-cup carafes, with stands and candles. Silex. Hartford. Conn.

SNO-FLY cuts path 20 inches wide. 14 inches deep in hard packed snow. Self-propelled, power-driven blades eject snow. Merry Mfg.. Edmonds. Wash.

  1. Charlene says: May 22, 201210:46 am

    That’s got to be the most awkward pram I’ve ever seen. If you left it on your front porch, Safeway would take it during their weekly cart roundup.

  2. MitchA says: May 22, 20121:03 pm

    Yeah.. the pram looks awkward… but just look at all that chrome and the white wall tires!
    The snow blower is what caught my eye though. I wonder how many fingers were lost with those exposed flywheels and belts, not to mention the rotary blades

  3. Hirudinea says: May 22, 20124:19 pm

    @ Charlene – I can see where the idea came from though, I always see mothers with toddlers walking by their side and their strollers full of groceries.

  4. Toronto says: May 22, 20124:56 pm

    I was the occupant of a very similar pram, only with larger spoked wheels. I doubt my mother used it as a carry basket for shopping, but freed of the base, it was used as a car bed.

    We definitely had one of those Silex coffee carafes with the candle in the base.

  5. Mick Canick says: May 22, 20124:56 pm

    I with my father’s “stuff” I saw a device that looked like that alarm. I didn’t examine it closely I thought it was a rotisserie for a BBQ grill. I will have to see if I can find it again.

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