NEW for the HOME (Nov, 1954)

NEW for the HOME

SPIN-CLEAN is a device for cleaning Venetian blinds without taking them down. The jaws of the alligator-like nozzle electrically brush each slat of the blinds clean. Pionair Prods., Inc.. Chic.

NUMBERLITE provides address plate easily seen at night. Electric light silhouettes the numbers. Want folks to remember your address? This is one way to do it Numberlite. East Hart., Conn.

POLLEN EX “99” spells relief for hay fever sufferers. In IO minutes flat the home-office air cleaner removes 99 per cent of pollen from a good sized room. Associated Mills. Chicago.

DOO-STAY is a convertible table-bed that is changed from, one to the other in seconds. Top. you see it as a bed; in middle, a desk; at bottom, a bed. Peeter Reeter Prods.. England.

TRAVEL TAN is a sun lamp that slowly moves back and forth on a wire. Tans the hide all over, shuts off automatically as desired. Fine for a winter sunburn. Travel Tan. Bait., Md.

  1. Hirudinea says: July 2, 201211:49 am

    An adult sized “Doo-Stay” would be a good idea for a small apartment.

  2. ladykatey says: July 7, 20129:37 pm

    “Top. you see it as a bed; in middle, a desk; at bottom, a bed.” Copyeditors day off?

  3. Lonestar says: July 15, 201212:06 pm

    “Fine for a winter sunburn.” Copy editor’s day off, indeed! 😀

  4. Toronto says: July 15, 20128:44 pm

    Lonestar – actually it was fairly common to use “sunburn” interchangeably with “suntan” back then, from things I’ve read.

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