NEW for the HOME (Sep, 1954)

I’m having a bit of trouble believing that little fan is responsible for blowing her hair like that…

NEW for the HOME

SLEEPY HEAD inflatable Vinyl pillow is scientifically contoured lor comfortable sleep. By Better Sleep Co.. New Providence, N.J.

PREFAB TILE panels shown at Rutgers University’s Research Center. N. J.. may revolutionise tiling of bathrooms and kitchens.

ALL-PURPOSE kitchen unit at recent New York Home Show combines sink, cabinet space, refrigerator and two electric burners.

LAZY LUGGER garden helper made of durable burlap has reinforced fabric handles at each corner for comfortable carrying. Lightweight carryall is 58″x58″. Hillbrook Gds.. Portland. Ore.

HIGH-POWERED German electric fan will run eight hours on one set of three flashlight batteries. Shown at the first New York Import Show, fan is made by Dux Toys in Ludenscheid, West Germany.

  1. Hirudinea says: September 17, 201212:29 pm

    I know they say pictures don’t lie but I just don’t believe that fan is THAT powerful!

  2. 2sk21 says: September 20, 20129:14 am

    She looks like one of those old Maxell tape commercials

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