NEW for the HOME (Sep, 1949)

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NEW for the HOME

Sun Naps won’t lead to lobster complexions if you use this gadget which shuts off lamp automatically. Good for pressure cookers and other appliances. Paragon Electric Co., Two Rivers, Wisc.

Fireproof Shade made of unfilled cotton cloth with vinyl plastic coating. Conventional window shade, left, blazes while coated one, right, resists flame. Stewart Hartshorn Co., New York.

Baby Dishwasher cleans service for four in five minutes, using no more water than hand-cleaning requires. Powered only by water pressure, this portable unit dries the dishes, too. Cameron Corp., 2066 East 70th Street, Cleveland.

Steam Ironer puts the crease back in those baggy trousers. It’s an attachment used with a regular electric iron and produces steam by a safe “flash-boiler” method. Won Lewis & Conger’s top safety award. General Mills, Inc., Minn.

Friendly Doorbell gives your messages to callers. A three-way switch can be set for In, Out or Neutral. Then, when somebody rings, a light shines with the correct message on it. Invented by Maurice Phillips of Westinghouse.

Towel Gripper makes dish-cloth-hanging a one-finger operation. Four rubber holders grasp the cloths leaving you free to try balancing the dishes in your other hand. A. J. Ganz Co., Hollywood.

Handy Gardener lawn mower which picks up leaves and twigs, grinds them into small particles and drops them back on the grass. This not only simplifies a back-breaking task but rebuilds the soil. Ronnco Prod., Minneapolis.

Rotating Flipper is the gourmet’s delight. It turns over sizzling food when you press a lever located in the handle. Won’t break the egg yolk, either … if you’re careful. Ward Phillips Co., Chicago.

Automatic Plug can be attached by anyone, even your non-mechanical wife. It requires no tools—just push the wire in and press prongs together. Academy Electric Products, New York, N. Y.

  1. Caya says: July 1, 20078:11 pm

    I think the Rotating Flipper is hilarious.

  2. Stannous says: July 1, 20079:01 pm

    Sure, if you can’t turn your wrist…

    I used to have a countertop washing machine that looked exactly like that dishwasher.

    The towel things are still available and STILL made by Ganz (we sell their various housewares at my hardware store!)

    And of course the plugs too are still available and look much the same 58 years later.

    Notice the Roto-Tiller is made by Ronnco? Probably no relation to Ron Popeil’s Ronco: http://popeilfamilystor…

  3. Nancy says: September 22, 20078:50 am

    I’ve GOT that flipper, and a couple of the Popeil auto flippers too. The one pictured is called a Suzie-Flipper. You can’t have too many strange kitchen gadgets. This is the best place! I’ve been collecting household invention pages from Popular Science and Popular Mechanics for years. This site is just fantastic!

  4. Doug says: June 30, 20099:21 pm

    I noticed that you have the rotating flipper manufactured by Ward Phillips Co. I have a “Suzie Flipper” manufactured by Paul Grancell Co. Los Angeles, Cal. Does anyone have any information on where or how to learn more about this item?

  5. Scott Ferguson says: June 27, 20108:09 pm

    I found one of the Baby Dishwashers in my grandfathers house. It says patent pending, so I am geussing it never got a patent. How many were made and sold. What did it sell for and what is it worth now.

  6. Polly says: October 24, 20111:06 am

    I have a Suzie Flipper made by Paul Grancell, Culver City, Calif. Believe it was made in the early
    40s. Works perfect.

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