NEW for the ROAD (Aug, 1951)

NEW for the ROAD

Alarming Glasses set off a buzzer near the ear of the motorist as soon as his eyes remain closed longer than normally. Thin steel wire is attached to the frame and remains in close contact with the eyelids. Spectacles were exhibited at the Frankfort Automobile Show in Germany.

Jack-In-The-Bumper makes it impossible to leave your jack in the garage unless you leave your car there, too. It’s a hand-crank operated jack which fits right into the bumper guard of your car. Four of them can lift all the wheels off the ground. Developed by inventor Max Guhse.

Baby Trailer allows papa to take his baby-sitting chores on the road. It’s a one-wheeled, free-swinging attachment which is fastened to the seat of the bike while junior is comfortably placed in the buggy behind the protective windshield.

  1. Hirudinea says: April 9, 20123:06 pm

    I see baby trailers on bikes all the time but I’ve never thought they were safe, get rear ended and say bye-bye baby.

  2. Mick Canick says: April 9, 20125:21 pm

    Steel wires close to the eyes? I don’t understand why that didn’t catch on.
    I recently saw an earpiece that sounded an alarm if your head tilted down.

  3. Toronto says: April 9, 20127:30 pm

    It’s a bit odd that most kid carrying bike trailers these days are 2-wheeled, but many cargo trailers are single wheel, like this.

    My son rode on a rack-mounted kid seat until he was old enough to ride a Trail-a-bike behind me and (in theory) help pedal. Well-meaning idiots used to honk to tell me he was (a) sleeping in the chair, or (b) not pedaling. Sheesh, folks, he’s a kid.

    We *were* run over by a car when he was 4. I broke my arm, the bike was totaled, but he and his helmet and the seat came out unscathed. That’s undoubtedly the worst crash I’ve ever been in, including aircraft, cars, bikes, motorcycles, and boats.

  4. Stephen Edwards says: April 10, 20122:27 pm

    Finally: a man wearing a ridiculous thing on his face. If there’s one thing that Modern Mechanix has taught me is that more female than male models are willing to make spectacles of themselves.

  5. Hirudinea says: April 10, 20124:14 pm

    @ Toronto – “Well-meaning idiots used to honk to tell me he was … not pedaling.” Maybe they thought he was an outboard motor. Glad that the kiddie wasn’t hurt in the crash, even though you were.

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